Cold Callers in UAE to Face Dh150,000 Fine in Telemarketing Crackdown

The UAE Cabinet just issued new regulations, cracking down on the Cold Calling industry!

Cold callers to face fines of up to Dh150,000 (approximately $40,000 USD).

These are the new guidelines:

  • Telemarketing calls can only be made from 9am to 6pm

  • Telemarketers can’t call back the same day if declined or hung up on.

  • Marketing calls must use numbers registered to licensed companies, not individuals.

  • No follow-ups allowed if the prospect has declined the offer on the first call.

  • Numbers listed in the UAE’s Do Not Call Registry (DNCR) cannot be called for telemarketing without prior consent.

Violations will result in penalties, with fines of up to Dh150,000 (USD 40,000) for non compliance

How do you think will it affect the cold calling industry?