Hello, This is Adham, DMZ :)

Hey friends,

I’m Adham and people know me as " DMZ " on Legiit. I live in Cairo and I’m a dad of a beautiful girl. I have been on Legiit since Jan 2019 and Legiit is considered literally an online home for me. I made a lot of friends and I had a lot of clients. Legiit was a turning point in my life and joining it was the most important step in my career.

Since I joined Legiit, I designed/developed literally +400-500 WordPress websites and I gained amazing experience in building professional and high-quality websites that allowed me to use different WP builders not only one of them.

I’m happy with this forum and I like this idea. By the way, this post will be the first introduction post in the history of the Legiit forum :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Thank you,
Wishing y’ll the best


That’s amazing! It’s nice to meet you Adham!


Scrap the rest - why are you known as DMZ? :joy: