How To Get Better Results (As A Buyer)

Legiit is by far the best marketplace of its kind that I have used so far. Using it properly can be a major asset for any business.

I am a firm believer that the quality of the orders I place is directly related to the quality of the instructions I (or other buyers provide). Freelancers are not mind readers and cannot know what you want if you cannot express it clearly and without ambiguity.

However, I have also found that a lot of the freelancers are also resellers. Meaning they do not perform all or any of the work they take on, depending on the order.

That makes the quality of the work I receive from the same freelancers very unreliable, from order to order:

  • I do not want to give the freelancer a bad review, because I did receive quality work from them, in the past. and I do not want to give bad reviews, as a general rule, unless they do something really bad.

  • Revision requests sometimes result in waiting more time and getting the same bad delivery, slightly modified.

  • On the other hand, I also have clients to answer to, delivery deadlines and a budget that is going to be exceeded if I have to place a new order for the same exact task, or if I have to do the work myself.

  • I have recently dealt with a few such orders and I genuinely want to understand how to avoid going through it again, or at least reducing the frequency at which it happens.


Thank you for such a balanced question.

Please not to anyone that else that responds to follow the same tone.

As to your questions:

I get what you’re saying. You don’t want to hurt someone for one bad experience.

Having said that… without feedback, there is little incentive for them to get better.

Maybe talk to them before you leave a review and tell them if you don’t get what you asked for by X date you will have to leave an honest review of your experience.

That SHOULD motivate them to do better… but if they don’t then they deserve a bad review. You can even say in the review itself that it is just about this particular experience.

I’d be open to suggestions on how to make all of that soother… but the challenges in this particular scenario is, it sounds like they’ve done well by you (and presumably others) in the past so we have no reason to intervene.

If you don’t leave a review or at least dangle the possibility of a review then they have no reason to think they should change what they do… or we don’t have any reason to think there is a problem.

This sounds like you are referring to something like a graphics service… forgive me if I am wrong.

I don’t have a great answer for you on this other than to go on a case by case basis… if you think they can make corrections with minimal effort and time then give them a chance.

If you don’t just dispute or cancel.

If someone is repeatedly a problem, or you need a recommendation our support team can always help with either or both.

Yeah as a customer myself I get the struggle here.

If it is a service or freelancer you are trying for the first time I suggest having a conversation with them before ordering and stressing the importance of quality and deadline.

If it is someone you use regularly, but have a one time issue, I’d do the same thing… tell them you are on a deadline and they need to get it done.

When something doesn’t go perfectly it’s frustrating, and there is nothing anyone can do to get back the lost time… however you will never lose money because you do have the Legiit Guarantee… you can always cancel a late order, dispute an unsatisfactory one, and either get what you paid for, or have the funds returned.

Again I know that doesn’t make up for the lost time… but the more information we get on who does a great job of customer service via disputes, reviews, and direct feedback to us, the more we can make sure these experiences are the rare exception and minimize them as much as possible because, bluntly, we have a bazillion freelancers that can take the place of ones that don’t help our customers.

Is it ok if I have our support manager reach out to you directly about the specific issues so we can see both how we can help, and how we can help prevent it in the future?

I hope that helps, but please let me know how else I can assist.


Thank you for the very detailed reply.

The issues I encountered were with graphic design, content writing (eg as part of a broader service), some of the ‘outreach’, etc

My question is answered, satisfactory, and I do not need help from the support managers (which try to help and are very fast to respond, btw). I see some of these failed orders, as long as they do not happen too often, as the cost of doing business - perfection is hard to achieve. The part that worries me is when it happens with an order from a freelancer that delivered awesome work in the past.

I will try to use the leverage at my disposal more often and cancel/dispute in more extreme cases, as well as post negative reviews when they become necessary both for myself, and for the Legiit community.


Great. We are here if you need help.

I am also trying to brainstorm ways we can more closely watch freelancer performance without needing customer input… its tricky but I’m sure it can be done.