How Do You Optimize for 'Near Me' Searches?

Not sure if anyone asked this before.

What can I do to rank better for ‘near me’ searches related to my business?

Curious if anyone has tried the Q/A section on GBP to hack some relevance.

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The trick is to try and rank for the non “near me” version of the term.

So instead of “barber near me” try and rank for “barber”.

There is more to it, but if you make your local relevance strong and rank for the non modified version of the keyword.


Also, you have to remember the power of online citations and using the identical NAP. It is possible to improve the effectiveness of citations with the Google stack and your social media efforts as well.

Your Google content needs to use local area photos, and video that are geo tagged properly, and use of the post feature to share local content creates an advantage.