Local SEO Question

I saw this discussion somewhere, and I would appreciate your feedback.

Do you think Geo-tagging your images still works for local SEO? The general argument these people had is that, its “dead”


99% of the time, it’s not worth it. Especially if you then optimise the images and it removes that data.

I would just make sure the file name and alt text reference the location or something within that location (attraction, park etc)


This is a common misconception that the data gets stripped.

The image you see on a site after you upload it is not the same file you uploaded.

It is being pushed to you through their CDN.

Google, Facebook and big players have their own and a lot of people use Cloudflare.

This is why it will have a different filename if you were to redownload it, and if you look at the image URL you will often see a URL that has CDN in it like this one from my FB profile pic

The original file is still sitting on their file server.

Now if it has an SEO impact is another discussion. I believe it does but it is minimal… unless you are looking to do Google Images SEO for a certain Geo… then it absolutely helps.


Bah it got changed to an image.


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Good question but as Eldar says if it’s not hurting you should. He does Geo-tagging as well as image SEO (alt text).

It’s just 3-5 minutes of task and why leave anything behind?


You learn something new everyday! :joy:


As I know it depends on many factors your image quality, and loading time on a website. Only putting an alt tag won’t help you well. But it enhanced the visibility.

For example: 100 people were in the race and 60 people didn’t use tags and if you are in 40 people then you are ahead.

Now competition between 40 people who used GEO tags. For those who have high-quality images, compressed well, and image size-structured, the loading speed is high when someone lands on your website. Domain authority is high for this website will get the benefit more and ultimately Google will prioritize them.

This question arises when you get hotel and resort industry or you don’t follow all the other tactics except the GEO tag. Then people used to say SEO is dead lol :sweat_smile: