How Will GPT-4o Affect Your Business?

OpenAi announced GPT-4o today.

“ChatGPT maker OpenAI said on Monday it would release a new AI model called GPT-4o, capable of realistic voice conversation and able to interact across text and vision, its latest move to stay ahead in a race to dominate the emerging technology.”

How do you think this will affect your business, and the world in general?


Feels like Black Mirror coming to life.
Or maybe Sam Altman is taking inspiration from Black Mirror xD

For small businesses, it would be a boon if implemented correctly. Owners should document each of their tasks and then check where AI could be implemented.
Test, if it fails, fix or pivot. If it’s a success, scale!

For service professionals like me, the demand for the lower end of the spectrum would be killed. Either upskill or get replaced with AI.

Corporates and MNCs are already implementing AI in as many stages as possible while laying off thousands of freshers. Would continue to do so.

The world in general would again have both pros and cons of ai while getting better at implementing tech across industries like health and frauds and scams at the same time.


I’m guessing we’ll have to start learning to ride the wild horse (AI) instead of running away or being afraid of it.

My copywriting business may take a hit, but I depend on God, and He will show me a way out.