Tips for Starting an Online Business?

Hello! I’m planning to start an online business. Do you have any tips or advice to help me get started?

Thank you! :blush:


Tips and advice depend on the nature of your business. What kind of online business do you want to start?


Congrats on taking the leap!

I think the best thing to do is figure out what your goal is.

Is it to make a new full time income?

Is it just some side hustle money?

Etc… once you know that you can eliminate the options that aren’t for you and narrow it down to some that might be a fit for you. :smiley:


Here are two tips to help you get started:

  1. Identify a niche market. Find a specific target audience or a gap in the market that you can cater to with your online business.

  2. Build a strong online presence.
    Invest in creating a professional website, optimizing it for search engines, and utilizing social media platforms to promote your business.


1: Do Your Research

Before starting your business, know what you want to do and research your market thoroughly. Understand what products or services are in demand. Use tools like Google Trends and keyword research to find out what people need. This way, you can offer something that people are already looking for, increasing your chances of making money.

2: Create a Professional Online Presence

Make sure your online presence looks professional. This includes your website, social media profiles, and any listings on platforms like Legiit. Use high-quality images, clear service descriptions, and collect testimonials from satisfied clients. A polished online presence builds trust and attracts more customers.

3: Focus on Revenue-Generating Activities

Prioritize tasks that directly make you money. This means spending time on marketing, improving your services, and engaging with potential clients. Use analytics to track what works best and focus your efforts there. By concentrating on activities that generate income, you’ll grow your business faster.

4: Get your Fulfillment in Place Before you Start

Either learn how to do your own fulfillment before you go looking for a client or find someone reputable and professional on Legiit to do it for you. Talk with the Legiit member so that they know what you’re doing and what you’ll need from them. This will also give you a good idea of how to price your service. Add a good mark-up. You will need to concentrate on getting clients in order to build the business so that needs to be your priority. Don’t let yourself get distracted by busy-work.


My tip for you is…

Go through the product reviews of your competitors. Focus on the 4 and 3 star reviews!

Then address the issues mentioned in those reviews by improving your own product. :blush:


You need to have a website with a domain & good hosting to start an online business. You also have to optimize your website content according to your niche which will be according to your main products. By the way, may I know in which industry are you talking as it varies from industry to industry? If you can I can give you a more perfect solution.


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The biggest tip is to not get stuck in the “planning” loop. That is when you plan things out, but then create back up plans for those plans, and “what if this happen” plans after estsblishing the back up plans you may never use.

Remember, a plan is just that-- a PLAN not an action. Keep it simple then push through the tough and good times


Decide on a niche , evaluate the competition and then find areas they aren’t covering and cover them for quick and easy early wins.

…and then do all the things - SEO, socials, email marketing - don’t focus on one to mitigate risk!


Hi Marija - to be clear, are you looking to earn money directly, online (like through ecommerce, affiliate marketing etc) or are you looking to get an existing business online? I just gave a workshop on the latter, for local businesses in my town. While the terminology of the question is similar, the answers would be very different!


First Identify your Passion and Don’t think too much Give it a try first. Recently I have finished Reading the 100 dollar startup book by Chris Guillebeau here are the Key Points:

“The $100 Startup” is a best-selling entrepreneurship book by Chris Guillebeau.

The author introduces the concept of “micropreneurs” - individuals who start small, low-cost businesses called “microbusinesses.”

Guillebeau argues that anyone can become a successful micropreneur by turning their skills, hobbies or passions into a profitable venture with minimal investment, often around $100 or less.

Through real examples, he guides readers on finding their niche, creating value for customers, balancing promotion and actual work, and achieving financial independence.

The book’s core message is - don’t wait for the perfect time or resources. Start your low-risk microbusiness now with what you have, continuously refine it based on feedback, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.

Here are some Key Points of the Book:

Start Your Business Soon:

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Start with what you have and adapt as you go.

Find Your Passion or Skill:

Align your business with what you’re passionate about or skilled at for fulfillment and success.

Create Value for Others:

Offer something that genuinely helps or brings joy to your customers.

Balance Talk and Work:

Spend time actively working on your business, not just talking about it.

Continuously Refine Your Idea:

Adjust your business based on feedback, lessons learned, and market trends.

Focus on Income and Cash Flow:

Prioritize generating revenue and managing cash flow for sustainability.

Understand Your Target Audience:

Know your customers’ needs, desires, and demographics to better serve them.

It’s Okay to Make Money:

Don’t be afraid to make a profit while providing value to your customers.

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