What are your thoughts on asking for MORE work to a client?

What are your thoughts on this quote:

Don’t be afraid to ask for more work. It does NOT make you “too salesy.


There’s a way to do it and a way not to.

Most clients hate it.


It’s a good practice or not, your opinion?


I find it risky


I agree with this.

You have to know you’re solving a problem or taking a pain away. For example, one of my clients isn’t keen on writing content, so I made an offer to take that over for her etc.

I’ve also just launched a referral scheme where clients can get X off their retainer for a month if they refer us to another business. Also said they can use it on their other brands etc.

That way, they’re also getting rewarded for more work, instead of just me.


Most of the time people use general sales copy and not a short helpful note to a client. To get more work direct from one client offer them something specific to them, and their needs. Not some stock “Hey I am having a great sale on X!”

“Bob, thank you so much for your business. I want you to know I can also help with more website traffic if you need it. I have had great success with 5 recent projects getting quality traffic, and I would be happy to meet with you.”

That will work better than traditional sales copy.