What’s the Best AI Image Generator Available?

I’m working on a project that requires a lot of images, and I’m considering using an AI image generator. Which one would you recommend as the best available option?


I like MidJourney. I’ve made some great looking images with it.


Midjourney is by far the best but could become expensive pretty quickly.

Some other tools you could use are Gemini by Google, Chat GPT 4, DALL E, Lexica, Adobe Firefly, Stable Diffusion, and Playground AI


Midjourney is my favorite so far


I am a professional AI image generator. What type of Image need?


There are several AI image generators that are considered to be among the best. Here are a few options:

  1. Craiyon is a free AI image generator that is highly regarded in the AI art community.

  2. Artbreeder is another popular AI image generator that encourages creative collaboration and image blending.

  3. Playground AI is an exceptional image generator that uses AI to generate high-quality images.


I’ve used Koala for a long time and like it. From the looks of this thread I need to try midjourney


as per my experience instead of midjourney, you can use leonardo.ai its better then paid tools.


Paid: Best AI Images Generator
Midjourney & DALL E

Free: Best AI Images Generator

Nigh Cafe, Canva, Adobe Firefly


So, here’s the quality for Canva. Although it looks “cute”, as an OCD graphic designer and traditional and digital artist, this is unacceptable. The color is bleeding out of the lines on the swan and the overall approach looks rushed.

Now, this is the quality behind Microsoft Copilot AI Designer… This is a banner from my WordPress blog account, and oooooh-weee this visual is as smooth as hot butter smothered in bacon greasse in a hot skillet :fried_egg:.

There’s a more controlled focal point, the colors are attractive for kids and grown ups, and it doesn’t appear choppy and broken.

And, you can switch up the approach in Microsoft. Like, claymation style, streampunk style, etc.

I hope these examples help. I took classes at Devry and majored in graphic design. Felt like I was teaching some of my classes since I’ve been doing art for over five years. Still, I learn something new from y’all everyday.


Mid Journey the best


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It depends on what kind of images you need to create Jessica.
Midjourney might create the best images, but it’s kind of understanding your prompt has gotten a big lack since v6. It was a lot better in the versions 5.

If you need logos or very exact images:

Ideogram is an excellent choice. I prefer it most of the time.

Leonardo is good.

ChatGPT as an image creator (it uses DallE) and understands exactly what you need.

Stable Diffusion.

My favorite recently is Ideogram.

I am thinking about killing the midjourney subscription.

80 Bucks for not getting what I want is not worth it actually.

Hope they will upgrade their AI again to understand better, what is needed.