What's your favorite diet?

I personally like the KETO diet! I am not on keto but I like the system.

I kinda like the carnivore diet as well! Maybe I’ll combine them both! :sweat_smile:

Share YOUR thoughts…


They all “work” or most do.

For me I just try to stay in a calorie deficit or maintenance depending on my current goals, with a high level of protein, and occasional foods I enjoy that aren’t the healthiest.


I am doing keto for more than ten years now. It helped me a lot with my sicknesses.
Since a few years I even combine it with intermittent fasting. 18-19 hours fasting. Within a few hours two meals.
This is a good balance for me.
I am feeling fine with that.


Sure the intermittent fasting is the more important thing.
I had seen a documentary about it, with one guy, that made testings with doctors. His values were insane good with that.
Sure it has a lot to do with autophagy, which is like a fountain of youth.


I really want to try IF but I am very hard time gaining weight. Docs are saying my metabolism is fast so I have to eat more and eat kinda frequently.

Which I don’t really like. I mean I love eating but I actually want to be healthy! :confused:

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You are a lucky one. I have the opposite metabolism. It is not working for a very very long time.
My thyroid is not working.
I took Thyroxine a long time.
But I just needed to raise the dose from time to time.
I know it sounds insane but with keto one day I said “I stop now taking the tablets. I just try it.”
And it worked.
Curiously: my weight dropped.
I felt better.
But this is no advice for anyone to do the same.
For me it worked.
But I do workouts on a daily basis.
I do IF.
I live keto.
For me it is the best way.


I am happy for you! It’s amazing how Keto helped you.