How do you manage your anxiety as a business owner?

Give us your tips on this!

Here’s what’s going on with me:

I recently learned that Turmeric Powder may have a similar effect on us as Prozac but without any side effects!

So… As I’m experiencing some issues with sleeping and panic attacks, I am currently taking just a bit of Turmeric Powder (maybe a pinch) with water in the morning and evening!

Feeling kind of nice with God’s grace.

If anyone is dealing with anxiety issues, give it a try and let us know.


Its important to make the distinction between anxiety caused by stress, and chronic anxiety.

Anxiety caused by stress is something caused by circumstances… a relationship, a work issue, a relationship, a financial issue, a relationship etc…

(Little humor built into a serious answer)

Chronic anxiety is a medical condition that is often caused by elevated cortisol levels.

How you treat it depends on how much it affects your daily life.

If you can still function but just need some over the counter help I recommend ashwagandha.

For both types, identifying triggers and dealing with or avoiding them is the key to overcoming them.

Additional symptom relief can come from breathing exercises, exercise in general, meditation, and vagus nerve stimulation.

And of course having someone to talk to always helps too, whether it is a professional, or just a friend.


Managing anxiety as a business owner involves establishing a routine that includes regular exercise, mindfulness practices, and adequate rest to maintain physical and mental well-being. Additionally, delegating tasks, setting realistic goals, and seeking support from mentors or peer networks can help alleviate the pressures and uncertainties inherent in running a business.


First thing to check is: Where are your panic attracks coming from?
Is it the money?
How to pay the next bills?
Is it stress?
Is it chronical as Chris said?
It is important to find out if you are able to actively change something about it, or if you have simply to learn to manage your stress level.
But as niamatullah said it is very important to make workouts or to meditate, cool down, find inner peace and inner strength.


I try to focus on learning new things and techniques to Leverage my work


Thanks for the advice. And…

Yes! Talking to a person really helps a lot!

In my case, that person is my wife.


That’s right!


I love long walks!


Learning new things is a kinda must for those who suffer from anxiety!


I think one thing most people miss because they think it is a slight is increasing their Testosterone. But with higher T many symptoms of anxiety will dissipate.

Society has tried to put men in a tiny box, and make us weak so we can be controlled.

Instead be a hunter (caveman mindset) and do things everyday to improve your confidence and strength. Not just physical strength but mental and emotional.

Go to the gym, or work out at home. Learn a martial art or take up a sport seriously.

Life can be hard so as men we must be harder. This does not mean you have to be cruel to others, or rude. But to truly be in a position to help others you must have strength, and power. Sometimes that is financial power, but most often it is mental fitness.

One of the few things that give a man an advantage in this World is his confidence. Like any muscle confidence and mental strength must be built over time. Every time you try something new in your life, each time you seek adventure, you build your mental muscle and self confidence.

Do not look for supplements alone to boost your ego, build it from within and without by action.

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