Why am I getting 404 error because of my location

So I have to create a local landing page content for a client and I wanted to go through the client’s website to learn more about the services they offer. But I keep getting these 404 errors anytime I try the link. I told some other colleagues to try the link from their own location and there seems to be no problem from their end.

I’ve tried changing browsers, going on incognito, but still the same thing. What could be causing this issue?


Could be multiple reasons
Your location or ip might’ve been blacklisted/blocked by the website owner or the firewall they are using

Will be able to help better if you could share the link


Thanks! This is really strange to me. First time I’ve come across something like this, and I’ve worked on quite a number of US sites. I wonder why a tree trimming company would have IP blockers though.


The site is working here too, weird for sure.

Try restarting your wifi. And check if it’s working on another device on the same network.