Free services to be as a foot in the door

I am joined to Agency Arbitrage Mastery course… The course is wonderful, and I thank Chris for the valuable information you provided. I was hoping that the course would elaborate more on how to provide free services to clients as a foot in the door and how we can do that, especially for beginners to support them in starting their businesses like me…. Now, I plan to implement what I learned in the course by relying entirely on Outsourcers on legit (Dfy) to complete works…. So. I am thinking of starting work through make an agency…

Is there a way to work under another name instead of the agency?

I have another questions :-

How can I get my first client… that is, how do I convince him that I will complete his work? Should I offer him free services to be like a foot in the door to build trust, but the problem is that I have no experience, I am a newbie (can you advise me on easy free services that I can offer to clients and how they work)? Or can give me any other ideas, please?

As you know, the beginnings are somewhat difficult… Getting the first client is difficult because I am still new to the work, and it is difficult for a client to pay money to someone he does not know… I will be happy if you give me advice on all of the above.




One of my 1st orders was done by a free service!

I mean, I told the client something like:

Let me do the job 1st then if you like it you can place the order and he accepted the offer!


thank you for your reply.


Not sure what you mean by this question… just pick a name for your agency and get to work. :slight_smile:

Stop with the limiting beliefs.

You have everything you need.

All you have to do is explain to him how his life will be better when you get him results with SEO.

The brilliance of the AAM model is that you have people that can get results for you, so stop worrying about being new.

Limiting belief. Pretend its not hard and get to work.

Limiting belief. Pretend its not and get to work.

Limiting belief. Pretend it’s not and get to work.

I want you to succeed… and if I am not mistaken I already advised you on this a few months ago… imagine if you’d taken action then, how much further along you’d be now.

Just start getting the reps in, and when we talk again in a few months you will already have some successes to brag about, and some failures to have learned from… but until you start doing the work, none of it matters.


No, this is the first time I share a post here… I also participate in many different courses on marketing in order to learn the details of marketing. All that matters is that I am now studying the information (I am the type who scrutinizes things) that I received to draw up a plan of action… thanks Chris


I’m pretty sure I answered this for you through Legiit support as well.

But either way go get it! You got this!


The large number of courses I’ve taken in the last 6 months has caused me to delay starting the business… Anyway, I am in the process of starting work soon… I think I will create a Facebook page to market my agency as a start, to work within the legiitleads platform based on the (DFY) system, and then after a while I will create my agency’s website on the internet? Or do you advise me to work in another way or something without creating a Facebook page or website?


You can make a very basic website in an hour.

Just do that.

Or outsource that too.


Welcome @safwan on your first post in Legiit community forum.


Thanks niamatullah