What are your tips for balancing multiple projects without burning out?

I am a solo freelancer by the way! I don’t have a team yet!


Block out time for each one and do just that and nothing else for the entire time allocated.


Make sense. Thanks!


Along Chris’s thought process. I use a separate calendar and schedule out my time. I color code my work based on main priorities, and the busier I get the smaller blocks of time I focus on.

Start with focusing on 1 hour at a time, if you must get more done go down to 30 minute blocks.

Do not stop for phone calls, or meetings, anything. Just plan time out in those blocks from the start. The color coding allows you to look back on your day, week, and month to see if you are aligning with your long term goals.

IE: Project Time for clients =Blue
Writing Time = Green
Your Marketing Time = Yellow
Sales Calls/ Meetings = Red

This way if you know 30% of your time should be spent on sales and 20% on marketing you can review your time spent and see if you are on target.