How my Elon Musk Meme got viral internationally

Let me share a fascinating story about something that happened when the AI tool Midjourney was new. I was just playing around with it, trying different things. One day, I decided to make an AI image of Elon Musk as a homeless man in Pakistan.

I posted this picture on social media, not really expecting much. But to my surprise, it quickly went viral. Within a few hours, major news channels in India and Pakistan were sharing it, claiming “Elon Musk Lookalike Found in Pakistan.”

The story didn’t stop there. Some big international news outlets also picked up the image and shared it, thinking it was real. But what they didn’t know was that I had created this image using AI. It was amazing to see how a simple experiment with AI could lead to such a huge mix-up, and I was the only one who knew the true story behind that picture.

Elon musk as a poor pashtoon beggar in karachi walking on dirty streets with his old and dirty clothes in karachi wearing pakistani cultural dress and sindhi cap and ajrak, dirty face, full body, drainage, poor sanitary system, wandering near huts with his bagger's boul --v 5

Here are some other images that I created

News Coverage:


Amazing Meme :clap:t3:


This is amazing but does those news coverage mentioned you or gave any credentials to your creativity or media accounts where you uploaded those?

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